JN Circle Chapter Launched in Canada

The Jamaica National Group has launched its first JN Circle chapter in Canada.

The JN Circle, which is a network of community members, was launched during a virtual event recently. JN Circle members are empowered by The Jamaica National Group to improve lives and build communities.

Claudine Allen, general manager of the JN Foundation, expressed pleasure at the establishment of the newest chapter of the network in Canada.

Claudine Allen, general manager of the JN Foundation

“We are happy that the concept is thriving and having achieved this milestone for Canada, we are looking forward to taking it so much further with your help and partnership fuelled by the team at JN Money and the JN Bank Representative Office in Canada,” she said.

The establishment of the JN Circle Canada chapter makes it the 18th JN Circle chapter. There are 16 local chapters in Jamaica and one in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Allen noted that through the network of JN Circle chapters several community initiatives have been executed. For example, during the pandemic, J$9 million was distributed to fund projects and deliver grocery vouchers to assist persons at the community level who were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Horace Hines, general manager of JN Money.

“The JN Circle is strongly focused on people and powered by people. It is more about partnerships and leveraging relationships. The JN Circle for us is a way to shape the future of Jamaica through partnership with the people we serve locally and overseas,” she explained.

She said a similar mandate is envisioned for the Canadian chapter. “We want to use the JN Circle to provide a platform for you to use your own voice and expertise to address issues that affect your own community, in terms of your locale or the community of people wherever that is,” she said, pointing out that the chapter could undertake issues that Jamaican or Caribbean people face in Canada or back home in Jamaica.

Horace Hines, general manager of JN Money, who addressed the launch, said that in Jamaica, tremendous work has been done through the JN Circle, which he said is piloted by the guiding principles of community building, advocacy, empowerment and networking.

“I see the JN Circle Canada chapter as our service organisation and nothing can beat us doing our own initiatives. We look forward to the ideas emerging from prospective members and the collaboration,” he stated.

Mr. Hines said that JN Money Services and the JN Foundation will offer their support through funding of the initiatives, as well as providing operational support.

Prospective JN Circle member and university educator, Tracey- Ann Reid, said she is eager to be part of the JN Circle Canada chapter. “This work that you have been doing in the communities through the JN Circle chapter is commendable. I would like to lend my expertise and be able to assist in whatever way I can. Two things that are dear to my heart is teenage moms and mental health,” she said.

JN Circle was launched in Jamaica in 2019 with 16 local chapters, with the latest launched in Portmore, St Catherine in early May.