Zoié Dash

Zoié Dash is a born Londoner of Caribbean heritage.  Her background is in writing, teaching, events and acting.   She has taught and lived in various countries around the world, using other skills to complete teaching, such as English through drama, creative writing and using her Entrepreneurship Degree to pivot teaching Business English.

As an Actor and Writer, she has written and produced a multi-award nominated web series, The Be In Me.

Her acting credits include End the Silence, a play about abuse which toured the UK and USA and the feature film, Stash. She also has a lot of corporate role play experience.

Zoie Dash started a business called Quote Bags, a company which sells original quotes (written by herself) on Tote bags and has just started to venture into clothing. The quotes come under three collections, Funny, Inspirational and Debatable, and cover topics such as Identity, Self- Love, London, and Gentrifications.

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