Positive Self-Talk & Vision Board Recommended for Resolutions for 2021

Confidence advocate, Dania Beckford

Confidence advocate, Dania Beckford is advising persons to make big strategies, not to make them too finite; but instead, the plans should be adaptable and achievable as persons set their intentions for 2021.

Ms Beckford made those recommendations while addressing a JN Circle, Thrive Together Life Class recently, which was held under the topic, “Reset in 2021: Renewing minds, manifesting goals”.

“Be specific about the goal but do not make the strategies too finite, so that if every single detail which you have put in there does not emerge; you do not conclude that you have failed in achieving the goal,” she pointed out.

Ms Beckford, who is also a Communication Specialist, said it was important to remain positive, which will assist in realizing one’s goals.

“Positive self-talk is what we need in the visualizing of goals; negative self-talk will only derail your efforts in realizing your purpose and intentions,” she noted.

Kamala McWhinney, associate clinical psychologist

Kamala McWhinney, associate clinical psychologist, host of the series and a JN Member, in expounding to that point, said being kind to oneself is a tool to assist in achieving one’s goals.

“Encouragement ‘sweeten’ labour”, she affirmed. “I want us to move into the New Year believing that being kind to oneself, no matter where you are on the journey to achieving your goals is a tool, it is indispensable to the process of achieving,” she affirmed.

Rasheen Robinson, vision board coach, said that doing a vision board is critical in assisting persons to achieve their goals.

“If nothing that 2020 has taught us is that we need to have a plan, so that even if there is derailing, there is a steadiness, and there is a plan. This plan assists us to visualise the path we need to take to achieve this,” she affirmed.

Mrs Robinson said there has to be an honest analysis of one’s life, such as: what are you passionate about? And, are there persons who need to be severed from your life, to allow you to achieve your goals?

“There has to be this raw, open and honest approach to investigate one’s life, so that you can decide on your hopes and dreams,” she pointed out.

Season two of the JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class, seeks to empower JN members and customers, to thrive as they prepare for 2021; with the final sessions being aired on Wednesdays, at 6:30 pm. The discussions will focus on issues relating to self-care, goal setting, self-actualisation, parenting and financial wellness.

Persons can register, to join the sessions via the ZOOM platform, or watch and participate via the JN Group’s Facebook Page.

The discussions include interviews, lectures, and gamification. Participants also have the opportunity to win prizes during these sessions.

The next session is scheduled for Wednesday, January 20, and the topic will be: Mars meets Venus [Reloaded]”.

Interested persons can register for the online series by visiting ja.myjncircle.com or view past sessions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apyVS4jCziA&list=PLQk2xq38e9YNq_ovfbjWuHgrxVRc_K58j