JN Circle President Vows to fight for the Marginalised

Olive Wright, president of the JN Circle Junction Chapter.

Olive Wright, president of the JN Circle Junction Chapter.

Newly elected president of the JN Circle, Junction club is passionate about helping and has vowed to use her two-year tenure to assist the vulnerable and marginalized.

Olive Wright, an entrepreneur, wife and mother was elected president, recently. Other members of the executive include Simon Elliot, treasurer and Omar Robinson, secretary.

Some of the marginalized she hopes to target are the homeless in the parish and the children mainly at early childhood stage.

“I am humbled and deem it an honour to be elected as president of the JN Circle, Junction.   I am also excited about working with the team of JN Circle members to achieve the mandate which is: network, advocacy and community building,” she said.

Mrs. Wright also loves to mentor young people and hopes to continue to do so during her presidency. Owen Campbell is testament to that mentorship. The 24-year-old who is an intern at the Ministry of Finance said Mrs. Wright has contributed to his development and assisted in making him a rounded person.

“She has been the one who has kept me focused. Not just career-wise but also a rounded individual. She is also a friend of mine. She has guided me in my financial decisions,” he said, noting that he has known Mrs. Wright from he was in primary school with her son.

An active member of her community in Junction, St. Elizabeth, Mrs. Wright has held several leadership roles, including being distinguished past president of the Kiwanis Club of Junction South, where she is also a charter member.

A hard-working, family-oriented person who likes to achieve, Mrs. Wright was born and grew up in the small district of Heathfield in St. Elizabeth where farming was the mainstay of the community.

She is the last of seven siblings.  Among the educational institutions attended, she cited her four years tenure at St. Elizabeth Technical High School to be the formative years.  After graduation, she migrated to Kingston where she worked in the secretarial field and achieved the designation of a Certified Professional Secretary.

After constant educational upgrades and two career changes later, she returned to her hometown, and is now an entrepreneur who operates a family business in the rapidly developing town of Junction, St. Elizabeth.   Mrs. Wright said she acquired her business acumen from the wealth of experience that she gained from past roles performed in the workforce, and from the various disciplines that she studied.

“This experience has enabled me to greatly contribute to the empowerment and development of all age groups for which I take on mentorship roles, especially the youth,” she added.

A family-oriented person, Mrs. Wright loves to pursue a healthy lifestyle and likes to participate in walks for charity. Her other hobbies are reading and gardening.

The JN Circle is a network of JN members and customers of JN companies, who form friendships to improve their own lives, positively impact their communities.