Leonard Palmer to Lead Social Transformation in Spanish Town

Leonard Palmer, president of the JN Circle Spanish Town Chapter

Leonard Palmer, president of the JN Circle Spanish Town Chapter, would like to see social transformation in the inner-city communities of the old capital.

“Communities, such as Tawes Meadows, Capture Land and Valdez Road, are urgently in need of transformation,” he said, when asked what he will focus on during his presidency during the next two years.

He explained that the social transformation activities would include implementing more skills based training programmes for young people; and access to more community centres in Spanish Town and its environs.

Palmer, who grew up in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, said he is passionate about young people and the development of the town. He also believes that working with his team at the JN Circle Spanish Town Chapter, together they could implement the change, which is needed to improve the town.

His team members are: Dr. Janice Tomlinson, secretary; and Gregory Powell, treasurer.

However, giving service is not new to Palmer, who is the junior pastor at the Holness Christian Fellowship Church, in Spanish Town. In fact, one of his outreach ministries mentors youths, who are fatherless. He started that ministry six years ago.

“I’m passionate about young people. I especially like to mentor young men, who do not have a father figure in their life; and who are at that critical age where they need good guidance,” he said, noting that some turn to a life of crime, if they are not guided along the right path.

Winona Silvera, senior pastor at the Holness Christian Fellowship Church, described Mr Palmer as a faithful and dependable person.

“He is a ‘people person’ and he has integrity. For a young man, I hold on to him very tightly, because he is one in a million. He does things with transparency and he takes counsel well,” she said, pointing out that he is both a leader and a follower.

The senior pastor said that Mr Palmer is loved by all. He is a trustworthy person; and is particularly active in the ‘Journey for Hope’ Ministry, which involves community outreach.

“I don’t have to be present when we are doing the outreach, if I send Pastor Palmer, because he is dependable. He is a blessing; and I know the JN Circle will benefit from his leadership,” she affirmed.

Mr Palmer is a father of three children; and is graduate of the St. John’s Primary School and St. Catherine High School in Spanish Town.

The JN Circle is a network of JN members and customers of JN companies, who form friendships to improve their own lives, positively impact their communities.