Rose Miller

Grants Manager and Financial Empowerment Project Manager – JN Foundation

Rose Miller joined the JN Foundation as  Grants Manager in 2013. With a mission to help individuals empower themselves financially through education, Mrs. Miller travels throughout Jamaica delivering training aimed at raising the level of financial education of Jamaicans, young and old.

Mrs Miller became a part of the JN family more than 20 years ago and has previously worked in the General Manager’s Office and as Manager for the Mail and Courier and Office Services Unit.  She has served the JN Group in voluntary capacities when she was elected Staff Director on the JN Board, as well as Member Trustee for the JN Group Pension Fund.

Before joining the JN Group, Mrs. Miller worked in the areas of accounting, administration and human resource in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail Merchandising, Stock Brokerage, and Health Insurance Sectors.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University College of the Caribbean.

An avid sports fan, Mrs. Miller was the Business House Table Tennis Champion for 2010, winning the Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles Titles. Mrs. Miller serves in the Children’s Ministry at Portmore Lane Covenant Community Church in St. Catherine. She is also a Director of New Generation; a Christian organization specializing in adventure camping and leadership training.

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