Thrive Together Life Class Returns!

The JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class series, which seeks to empower JN members and customers to cope with the challenges wrought by 2020, has returned for a second exciting season. The first session was aired on December 2 via ZOOM and Facebook.

The new season aims to immerse viewers in matters centred on self-care, goal setting/self-actualisation, parenting and financial wellness.

Claudine Allen, member ombudsman, who leads the JN Circle initiative, said given the success of last season’s sessions, a second season was important.

“As we come to the end of what started out as a challenging year, filled with uncertainty and fear, we will celebrate overcoming and thriving. The session will focus on continued self-care, mental wellness and health,” Ms. Allen outlined.

The effervescent associate clinical psychologist Kamala McWhinney, JN Member, has returned as host of the Life Class sessions. She said season two promises to be informative and practical.

The classes will include interviews and lectures. Gamification will once again be used, and prizes will be given away during the sessions.

Ms Allen said participants will still be able to access confidential counselling sessions and resources through Family Life Ministries; as well as, via the member space platform on the JN Circle webpage.

“The platform provides some level of exclusivity and will allow individual persons to access, Life Class ‘registrants-only’ content. Persons who attend all the classes will earn a virtual badge, to mark their achievement,” she informed.

Wednesday’s first session focused on mental wellness and featured guests: Carla Moore, a consultant/researcher and lecturer on gender, Youth, HIV/AIDS, dancehall and Caribbean Culture; and Patrice Oberli, a licensed counselling psychologist.

To join the sessions, interested persons can visit to register for the ZOOM sessions. Persons can also view and participate in the sessions by going to the JN Group’s Facebook Page.

The Thrive Together Life Class series is aired on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.